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Erick Van  Houtte

within Context
Every decision should be made with context (background, circumstances) and in context (current factors and conditions) of a given situation.  There are always reasons why things were done a certain way and led to a current situation.  The art and science of decision making must consider the combination of past and present to make an effective decision for the future.

Many "gut" decisions are made by people who believe they know better, so do not need to understand why things were done a certain way, they just assume they know better.  History repeats itself:  if you are not sure, learn about some of the biggest failures/man-made disasters....after the incident, you always hear "we knew this was going to happen, here is why...."
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Van Houtte Story
In 2001 I published the biography of the Van Houtte family, in French.  Now, I am doing a new version, in English, for ePub.

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