Erick Van Houtte
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About Erick Van Houtte

I am happily married and have two wonderful children.  This micro universe is the universe that matters the most.

Born in Montréal, QC Canada, I lived in 20 different places.  I moved to Québec City in 1982, where I spent 15 years and returned to Montréal in 1996.  In 2009, I moved to Massachusetts, my current home.  I went on two assignments in Paris, France; one of one (1) year.

Who am I, what I am?


My career has been very interesting, having worked in various functions; often without the usual prerequisites or experience.  This has provided great opportunity to develop a well rounded experience and set of skills.


I joined the workforce in 1986.  My very first (out of school) job was with a start-up game board company (following the Trivial Pursuit trend...a bubble before .com).  My entrepreneurial spirit was lit!  For two years, during a challenging economy, I experimented, did various jobs (even sold door to extinguishers and insurance).


In 1988, my first career opportunity in technology;  I have been working in High-Tech ever since.

What I believe in

- My family and friends;

- Integrity, discipline, respect, teamwork, people;

- Enable others to succeed;

- Think and Act within context for Effective Decision Making;

- Enable Efficient Operations.

Generic Bio

Working in business and technology (software and services) since 1988, I am recognized for my approach, determination and professional attitude. I focus on team success while never running from responsibility.

Some say I am too detail oriented, others too strategic. I manage within context of a given situation and balance team environment to achieve desired results.

I occupied positions that enabled me to develop a wide range of skills in sales, sales management, project management and general management, in knowledge management and resource management, in Human Resources, and in operations.

These roles brought me to innovate and develop means to enable individuals, teams and businesses to be more effective and efficient, while increasing customer satisfaction. I am a problem solver, recognized team builder, facilitator, organizer and executive coach. I quickly see the solution to problems and anticipate the problem before it becomes one.

My career has helped me acquire experience in small and large business, at local, regional and international levels. I lived in Canada, relocated to the United States (where I now live) and went twice on assignment in France (once for one year).  Working in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment is second nature.  I have travelled professionally around the world.

I am a regular speaker at conferences, have written numerous articles on business transformation and also published two books (Internet: Le Guides des Affaires, Les Édtions Logiques, 1996, and La famille Van Houtte, l’histoire d’un bon café, Les Éditions Logiques, 2001).

Professional Interests

Provide the means for individuals, teams and managers - businesses to use a combination of methods, expertise and common technologies with/inContext to
  • ‘Think and Act with/inContext for Effective Decision Making.’
  • ‘Make Comprehensive for Efficient Operations’

Personal Interests

They are varied and very open.

  - Football (American) (I need to be explicit because many my family and friends are European)

  - Writing - I am currently translating the Van Houtte family book to English.  I am also writing practical business guides on effective decision making and efficient operations

  - Reading

     - Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, Sun Tzu The Art of War, fictional history, classics

     - Favorite authors:  Bernard Cornwell, Edward Rutherford, Colleen McCullough to name a few

  - History (Before common era Rome, Crusades, and any thing of the genre)

  - Smart people:  I enjoy asking questions to very smart people and engage, fuel, the discussions (try it with quantum physicists, philosophers, or any deep expert - fascinating)

  - Home renovations (anything)

  - Salt water aquariums/coral reefs

  - Management, Leadership Development, Help Management!

  - Project Management, Skills Management, Resource Management, Resource Allocation


My Career

Dassault Systemes

Senior Director, Sales Operations, VAR Channel
- Structure Processes and Tools for a sustainable operational function
- Define processes to scale productivity and performance

COO Operations, Global Services Division

- Align Process and Tools
- Implement Global PMO and Project Management platform
- Define Presales, Sales, Services, Support and R&D Customer engagement model
- Implement Risk Management and Escalation process and discipline

VP Human Resources, Americas + Services WW Division

- Manage HR for Canada, USA, Latam
- Consolidate Benefits of all US companies
- Initiate Shared Services
- Establish HR Business Partner structure
- Speaker at multiple industry, government, academic events

Director Human Resources Canada + Services North America

- Establish balance and management of Human Resources and Resource Management
- Develop Academic and Government Relations (multi-million $ government programs)
- Speaker at multiple industry, government, academic events
- Participate in Government committee for Immigration Strategy
- Define  and Implement Skills Development Model
- Partner with Economic Development organization
- Part of corporate team to define and select ERP
- Director Services Partners

Manager of Services Partner program

- Implement Knowledge Management and Skills Development

Momentum / OnX

General Manager - Easter Canada
- Accountable for P&L
- Manage Software Strategy and Services activity

Sales Manager

- Manage Services Sales team
- Implement SFA/CRM and sales
- Implement Solution Selling and team execution discipline
- Direct contribution to company growth, M&A

Account Manager

- Top sales person and team leader of collaborative and business process solutions – professional services
- Define requirements for company SFA

Project Manager, Consultant

- Projects:  Decision Support Systems for Pharmaceuticals, Sales Force Automation, Business Process re-engineering with collaboration-based solutions
- Represent company with media (print, conferences)

Micro Logic

Sales Representative
- Started Services activity by providing Lotus Notes application development
- Top Technical Services Sales
- Drove initiative to provide first Internet Service Provider offering
- Provided software and hardware expertise and solutions to the newspaper industry